Justin Cook & Labassa Woolfe present: Yukimasa Ida's "Bespoke"

Justin Cook & Labassa Woolfe present:  Yukimasa Ida's "Bespoke"

Building on art dealer Justin Cook's manifesto to bring fresh and ground-breaking international artistic talent to the fore. “Bespoke” will deliver new works painted in Japan and the UK by Japanese artist Yukimasa Ida, who will be making his International debut outside of Asia this October. 

Yukimasa Ida is a contemporary Japanese artist known for his provocative balance of realism and abstraction in his paintings. In his distinct aesthetic, Ida explores the nature of human existence and identity. His portraits appear like a sudden glance or flashing memory deftly crystallised into an eternal image. Dramatic and potent, Ida's work swirls with mystery and emotion.Yukimasa Ida commented: "In Japan we call this Ichi-go ichi-e.  It’s the reason why I grasp my brush, I want to create a picture of the moment in time that we have encountered together, this solo exhibition is an extension of such thoughts"

Ida's first show outside of Asia will deal directly with his experience of growing up in a modern day Japan its journey from isolationist feudal state to capitalist and imperial world power. The artist soaks up all the history of Japan and the ever-changing world around it through the last century and gives his unique representation of these times and movements through his paintings. These works include romantic film stills captured through the lens of Ida's mind and the repeating motif pictures that come from his cultural connection to his home country. They show the genuine love and respect he holds for the steadying and transformational stewardship of Emperor Meiji and the universally loved Emperor Showa.

Other motif's featuring in the show will represent the time Ida spent growing up on his grandparent's farm and the animals that surrounded him there. However this time the motif animals are not from Japan but from Wiltshire, including pigs from Stonehenge, and beautiful foals and mares from Rockcliffe Stud painted live in the paddock and farm yard. 

The Wiltshire based studio from where Ida has been painting for "Bespoke" has allowed him to experience the old and beautiful aesthetic of the countryside with its energy seeping into Ida's psyche with jaw dropping results.

The last component of Ida's artistic identity within the show is his stark and powerful abstract portraits that act as a raw and disciplined display in capturing the essence of the subject he paints. Be it a friend or himself, he manages to strip the portraits down to the recognisable components of the subject with incredible clarity. 

Gallery Owner, Justin Cook comments: "Ida is an exceptional talent with an unlimited future ahead of him and to have the honour of showing him first outside Asia feels like I have brought Jimi Hendrix to London for the first time. His ability to literally tear up the book and deliver these mind-blowing works of deafening quality and beauty is just staggering. This show is not to be missed"

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